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How To Find...

Use this guide to help you locate information in a number of different formats!

Search Our Catalog for Reviews

To use our library's catalog to locate full-length Book Reviews, try these steps:

  • Locate the Library's Catalog
  • Select the Articles+ tab (or simply use the search box below)
  • Search for the title of your book
  • On the left-hand side of the page, locate Resource Type from among the limiters and select Reviews
  • You should now see a wide variety of articles reviewing your book (Please note that film reviews will also be included in this list of results.) Not finding what you're looking for?:
    • Add the last name of the author to your search (e.g. ulysses joyce)
    • Add the genre or type (e.g. "young adult, graphic novel") to your search
    • If your book has a long title, exclude the subtitle from your search
  • To begin reading a review, select View Online on an entry to browse the collection of databases containing your desired article. An entry containing the phrase Full-Text Available should be linked to at least one database containing the full text.

Search Articles+ Now:

Professional Book Review Resources

Note: The following resources provide both full-length reviews and review excerpts. Not finding what you're looking for? Check out our catalog search instructions above.