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AML Makerspace

We have variety of maker kits that can be borrowed with access to additional resources.

Soldering Kit

Compact Design soldering iron with heat-dissipating holder securely holds the soldering iron at a convenient angle.

Kit Includes:

  • User's Guide
  • Soldering Iron (tray & sponge)
  • Soldering Iron Holder
  • 4 Spare Soldering Tips
  • Rosin Core Solder (tin solder)
  • Desoldering Vacuum Pump
  • 2mm Solder Wick (removing solder)
  • Helping Hands with Magnifying Glass
  • 4.5" Mini Diagonal Pliers
  • Tools: Reamer, Fork, Chip, Hook Needle,
    Knife/Scraping , Stainless-Steel Brass Brush Tool
  • Goggles/Protective Eyewear