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We have variety of maker kits that can be borrowed with access to additional resources.

Anker Bluethooth Speakers

Take your sound with you everywhere! A 3W audio driver, passive subwoofer and precision-engineered design deliver a clear, full-bodied sound you simply wouldn't expect. This has remarkable stamina for something so small. An ultra-high density battery enables 12 hours of non-stop playtime and recharges in just 3 hours.About the size of a ring box, this speaker fits into pretty much any pocket or bag, so you can take your sound literally anywhere you want. Connect with any NFC or bluetooth-enabled device (versions 2.1 and above) or just plug in with the included AUX cable to start your tunes.

Kit includes:

  •     Welcome guide
  •     Anker Pocket Bluetooth Speaker
  •     Micro USB charging cable
  •     AUX to Micro USB audio cable
  •     Anker carrying case

How to Turn On / Off the Speaker

Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn the speaker on or off.

How to Pair with Your Device

  1. Press the power button for 3 seconds. The speaker will turn on and automatically enter pairing mode indicated by the flashing blue LED.
  2. Activate your device's Bluetooth function and search for the device.
  3. Once the Bluetooth speaker has been detected, select the product name "Anker A7910" to connect. (For devices with Bluetooth versions below 3.0, press "Yes" to confirm pairing. Enter a passkey or PIN code "0000" (4 zeros), then press the "Yes" or "OK" key to finish pairing.)
  4. When the Bluetooth speaker and your device are successfully paired, the blue LED will go on and remain on while connected.

For further instructions check out Anker's Instruction manual.