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AML Makerspace

We have variety of maker kits that can be borrowed with access to additional resources.

Makey Makey

Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. You can use it to turn everyday objects into keys for your computer.

Kit includes:

  • User Guide
  • Makey Makey Board
  • 6 white wires
  • 7 alligator cables
  • USB cable
  • Play-Doh


Quick Start to MaKey MaKey

1) Plug in USB
Small side of USB cable plugs into MaKey MaKey, big side plugs into computer.

2) Close Popup Window
Your computer may ask you to install drivers or do other setup. You can click cancel or close the window.

3) Connect to Earth
Connect one end of an alligator clip to "Earth" on the bottom of the front side of MaKey MaKey.

4) Connect to Yourself
Hold the metal part of the other end of the alligator clip between your fingers. You are now "grounded."

5) Connect to "Space" and Try It
While you're still grounded, touch the round "Space" pad on the MaKey MaKey. You should see a green light on the MaKey MaKey, and your computer will think the space bar was pressed. If you click in the text area below, you can make the cursor move. You can also complete the circuit by connecting another alligator clip to "Space."


Visit MaKey MaKey at and try out some of their software!