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Citation Guide

A guide to create citations for bibliographies and works cited in research papers.

Personal Communication

For more information on citing personal communication, see the MLA Works Cited: Other Common Sources page at Purdue OWL.

Personal Interview

If you did the interview, list who you interviewed and how the interview was done.

Last Name, First Name. Type of Interview. Date of Interview.


Bush, George. Telephone interview. 15 Apr. 2008.

Fried, Jolene. Personal interview. 20 June 2009.

Letter, Memo, or an e-mail

A letter the researcher recieved.

Last name, First name Middle initial. Letter to author. Date of letter.


Jones, Samuel K. Letter to author. 5 Nov. 2009.

Brown, Lydia. Letter to author. 6 July 2010.


Last name, First name Middle initial. "Subject heading." Message to author. Date of message. Medium of delivery.


Yates, Corbin. "Re: Quote for the Day!" Received by Daniel D. Williams. 21 June 2009.

Jones, Peter L. Message to the author. 6 Dec. 2008.