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Diversity Reading List: Home

Developed by staff at VCSU Library, this page contains booklists to assist in the discovery of diverse books in the VCSU Library. 

This is an on-going project comprised of "living documents" that will be updated over time. If you would like to recommend books for the VCSU Library or have any questions about this project please contact usWe would like to acknowledge that this data is only representative of a certain moment in time, and as diversity can ebb, flow, and change over time there will likely be some human error in our booklists (particularly in the author booklists). 

Not all books held by the VCSU Library have been assessed for diversity. So far, we have completed our graphic novel collection and our Juvenile fiction published between 2015 and 2020. See booklists below!

Please note: if there is a category missing from the booklist (for instance: indigenous graphic novel authors) it likely means the VCSU Library does not currently hold any books in that category. 

Questions? Please contact Emily Connor Dafoe, Research and Instruction Librarian! 

Graphic Novels

Author Information

Main Character Information

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Juvenile Fiction

Published 2015-2020

Author Information

Main Character Information

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