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Google Scholar: Tips & Help

Information and tips on using Google Scholar for research.

How to Request Articles Found on Google Scholar in 4 Steps

Articles or books that don't have a link to the right can still be requested using interlibrary loan - don't ever pay for articles from the journal's website!

How to Request Articles Discovered in Google Scholar

1.) To request an article or book in Google Scholar through interlibrary loan, click the two arrows >> below the article title and description, then click No Full text - get help.

Google Scholar result with arrows highlighted.

Google Scholar result with No Full text -- get help highlighted.

2.) From here, choose the link to Request document via VCSU Interlibrary Loan.

Screenshot displaying the Request document via VCSU Interlibrary Loan option.

3.) On the next page, log in using your NDUS username & password.

ODIN login screen.

4.) Finally, on the article request form, choose a date in the calendar area (please choose a date at least 2 weeks in the future to provide us time to obtain the article - though it often takes only 1-2 business days), click the confirmation box at the bottom of the screen, and click the Go button to submit your request. The article will be emailed to you when it arrives.

Delivery Information screen in article request form.