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Google Scholar: Tips & Help

Information and tips on using Google Scholar for research.

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar defaults to a simple search - much like the standard Google search.

You can also click the downward-pointing triangle in the right of the search box to open a window with advanced search options.

Google Scholar default search box.


Google Scholar advanced search box.



Google Scholar Search Results

In Google Scholar search results, you'll see two types of links: a main column of title links, and a second column of links to the right. The article title links will typically take you to a journal's website, and will not show you the full text of the article. Links to the right that say Get Article will connect you to the article through one of the VCSU Library databases, and links that say [PDF] or [HTML] will connect you to a freely available version of the article online.

Google Scholar search results screen shot with right column links highlighted.