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Graduate Research

Research information and resources for VCSU graduate students.

You may sometimes need to find a specific article - one for which you already have information like the title, author, and journal - as part of your required course reading, or for your own research. This page describes your options for finding specific articles.

Finding a Specific Journal Article

There are three primary options for locating a specific journal article:

  1. Search the article title in the Search Everything or Articles+ box on the library homepage.
  2. Search the article title in Google Scholar. This is especially helpful for articles that aren't accessible through VCSU databases, as you may be able to find them in an open access repository or other open web source.
  3. Use SFX CitationLinker.

1. How to find a specific article with Articles+

If your article is available through one of the library's subscription databases, you can often find it by simply searching the title in the Articles+ tab on the library homepage.

1. Click the Articles+ tab on the library homepage.

Image of library homepage with Articles+ tab highlighted with red box and arrow.

2. Type or paste your article title into the box, and click the search button.

Image of library homepage with Articles+ tab selected and article title entered into search box. Search box highlighted in red box.

3. If your article is available, it will typically be among the first few results on the page. To read the article, click the View Online tab under the title and description, and choose one of the Full Text links from the menu.

Articles+ search results page with View Online tab highlighted with red arrow and box.


If your article has a very general title and brings up too many results, try adding the author's last name to your search.

Try it!

Use the Articles+ search box to find the following article:

Checking In: Using Information Communication to Assess Learning in the English Language Arts Classroom

2. How to find a specific article with Google Scholar

Tip: To get the most out of Google Scholar, first configure it for off-campus use. See this page for instructions.

1. Go to Google Scholar (

2. Type or paste your article title into the search box.

Image of Google Scholar homepage with article title entered into search box.

3. Look for your article title in the list of results. If a full text version of the article is available, there will be a link in the column on the right of the screen. If full text is not available, the only link will be the article title, and you will need to request the article through interlibrary loan. To learn about requesting articles found in Google Scholar, see the Google Scholar box on the How to Request an Article page in this guide.

Image of Google Scholar results screen with link in the right column highlighted with red arrow, box, and text reading Click this link to get the article.

Try it!

Search Google Scholar for the following article:

Professional development implications of teachers' beliefs and attitudes toward English language learners

3. How to find a specific article with SFX Citation Linker

How to use SFX CitationLinker to find a specific journal article:

From the SFX landing page, choose the CitationLinker tab.

SFX CitationLinker screenshot.

Here you will see a form with a number of fields in which you can enter information about the article you want to find.

Fill out the form with as much information as you can. Choosing the "Starts with" or "Exact" option after the journal title field will help eliminate unwanted results.

Screenshot of SFX CitationLinker with fields entered.

If the article is available among VCSU's database subscriptions, you will see something like the following screenshot. Click on the journal title link or the Go button to go to the article.

Screenshot of SFX CitationLinker results.


  • If you get a list of journal titles rather than a link (or links) to sources for the full text article, try entering the full journal title and choosing the Exact button on the CitationLinker form.
  • If VCSU doesn't have access to the article, don't worry! We may still be able to get the article for you via interlibrary loan. Follow this link to learn more about requesting articles through interlibrary loan.