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Graduate Research

Research information and resources for VCSU graduate students.

The library provides you with several options for searching for journal articles. Using the Search Everything or Articles+ tabs on the library homepage will search across many of our research databases at once. This can be a useful place to start, but its breadth means it doesn't provide you with the most targeted results.

Below are some of our research databases that are most useful to students in VCSU graduate programs. Visit our A to Z list to see all of the databases we offer.

For a quick explanation of the scholarly peer-review process, see the Peer Review in 3 Minutes video.

How to Find Databases

Beginning on the library's homepage (, click on the Databases tab.

From this tab, you can either search for a database by name or subject, or you can click the A to Z List link to browse all of our databases in alphabetical order.

Image of library homepage with arrow pointing to Databases tab. The search box and A to Z link are highlighted in red boxes.

Try it!

1. Use the search box to search for Education databases.

2. Starting at the A to Z database list, find JSTOR.

Education Research Databases

Click the green question mark (Green Question Mark Icon) next to the database names to see help guides or video tutorials.

Education Professional Databases

Library Science Research Databases

Psychology Research Databases

Google Scholar

Dissertations & Theses

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I provides abstracts and previews, with limited dissertations & theses available in full-text. As more universities make graduate research available through institutional repositories, some dissertations & theses can be found on the open web using Google Scholar.