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HPER 444: Five Preventable Killers

General Resources

These are the catch-all databases, most useful for research of this type.  Do not feel limited just to these, however.  There are many more to be found on the Library's Database Page.  For a quick search, use the Library's catalog:

A Note on Terminology

Many databases prefer the technical term for a disease or disorder. Using the technical term may help you in a pinch. For example:

  • Heart disease: Cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke: Cerebrovascular disease
  • Lung disease: Pulmonary disease

You may also consider using more specific words and phrases to assist you. There are many types of cancers, and many types of heart disease. For example:

  • Heart diseases and related terms
    • arrhythmia
    • coronary artery disease
    • angina
  • Cancers and related terms
    • prostate cancer
    • breast cancer
    • cervical cancer
    • lung cancer