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MGMT 480: Strategic Planning

Recommended Library Resources

Additional Resources

While the resources above are excellent sources for obtaining information about a country and its business climate, there are also many more freely-available resources online.  The pages below provide all kinds of information about countries, ranging from economic, cultural, political, and more:

Databases for Types of Sources

1. Economic: Business Source Premier, A-Z World Business

2. Social-Cultural: Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, Credo Reference, (A-Z World Business if topic is internationally focused)

3. Global: A-Z BusinessJSTOR

4. Technology: MegaFILE, ArXiv

5. Political/Legal: Academic Search Premier

Off-Campus Access

To ensure that you can access the databases to the right, make sure you follow this link to login with your NDUS username and password.

If you do not know or need to change your password, please go to for self-service or call 1-866-457-6387 to speak to a NDUS HelpDesk representative.