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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Collections & More Open Resources

OER and information for the VCSU community.

Find Creative Commons Content

Open Image Resources

To filter Google Images search results by license, perform your search, and then click Search Tools. Several filtering options will appear. Click Usage Rights, and choose the type of rights you wish to include in your results.

OER Collections and Open Courseware

OER are available in a variety of formats beyond textbooks. Use the sources below to find open courses, course modules, assignments, activities, quizzes, tutorials, syllabi, lesson plans, and more.

Open Video Resources

Linking to video content, including embedding the video using host-provided code, is typically considered permissible under Fair Use. If you want to download videos and repurpose them or host them elsewhere, you will need to look for videos with more permissive licenses.

To find Creative Commons videos on YouTube, search for your desired terms, then click the Filters button below the search box. In the list under Features, choose Creative Commons.

To find Creative Commons content on Vimeo, perform your search, then scroll to the bottom of the filter menu on the left and click +More Filters. Under License, choose the Creative Commons license type(s) you wish to view.

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This guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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