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Copyright Guidelines

For guidelines about copyright, fair use, and links to further resources.

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Recommended Resources

Selected Copyright Resources in Print at VCSU


Sample Language for Syllabi:

Materials distributed to students or made available to students in connection with this course may be copyright protected.  They are intended for use only by students registered and enrolled in this course and only for the instructional activities associated with and for the duration of this course.  They may not be retained in another medium or disseminated further.


Faculty or staff who create hardcopy or electronic coursepacks which contain articles, chapters and other individual works or selections from individual works must obtain copyright permission for these materials. If a coursepack is used for more than one academic term, permission may need to be obtained again depending on the length of the original permission granted.

A Fair(y) Use Tale

Created by Eric Faden of Bucknell University in 2007, this mashup of Disney video clips explains basic copyright principles. The ten-minute video is a little hard to follow at first, due to its choppy nature, but it is humorous and answers such basic copyright questions as, “What is copyright?” “What things can be copyrighted?” and explains such principles as fair use, copyright duration and the public domain, and the irony of using Disney video clips in this mashup.