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How To Find...

Use this guide to help you locate information in a number of different formats!

Finding Biographic Information

Finding Biography Books

Using the VCSU Library Catalog

The best way to find resources in the library catalog is running an advanced search on the library website. Using this search function to find books allows you to locate both physical books and ebooks. Use these steps to fill in the search box: 

  1. Enter the name of the person you want to search.
  2. Click the "material type" dropdown menu on the right side of the box, then choose "books." 
  3. The language dropdown is right below the material type. Pick English from these options unless you specifically need a book in another language.
  4. If you need a book published during a specific time period, use the start date and end date options below the language menu to set a date range.
  5. Click search to get your results! 








To narrow down your results after searching, use the "Tweak your results" sidebar on the right side of the results page. The filters include an "availability" option, where you can choose to only see physical items or items available online, a "subject" filter to narrow books by subject headings, and a "creation date" option in case you want to refine your search by date.