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Database Help & Tutorials: Flipster

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Q: Can I save or print portions of magazines in Flipster?

A: Yes! When using Flipster in your computer browser, a Print option will be available in the menu on the right side of the screen. Flipster allows you to print the current view (either one or two pages), or the entire issue - there is no option to select a specific range of pages. After choosing the portion you wish to print, your selection will be opened as a PDF, which can then be downloaded and/or sent to the printer.

Q: Are back issues available?

A: Yes! To view back issues, open the current issue of the magazine you wish to read and choose the All Issues option in the menu (on the right side of the screen on your computer, or in the upper left hand corner on mobile). This will display roughly two years of back issues, which can be opened and read in the same manner as current issues.

The Library provides access to several popular magazine titles through Flipster.

How to Use Flipster:

To read magazines in Flipster on your computer, simply use any of the Flipster links on the Library website* to get to our Flipster page, then click on the magazine you'd like to read. if you are accessing Flipster from off campus, you will first need to log in to Off Campus Access.