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Open Access: Find OA Materials

Information about open access and links for finding freely available open access resources online.

OA Journals & Articles

According to Peter Suber, "OA is compatible with peer review, and all the major OA initiatives for scientific and scholarly literature insist on its importance." OA journals "use the same procedures, the same standards, and even the same people (editors and referees) as conventional journals."

(Source: Open Access Overview)

OA Repositories & Catalogs

Institutional repositories are hosted by colleges, universities, and other institutions, and contain the work of scholars affiliated with the host institution. Holdings may include pre- or post-publication versions of journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, undergraduate research, conference presentation slides, and multimedia materials. Disciplinary repositories collect work related to a specific discipline, regardless of the author's institutional affiliation.

OA Academic Books

Many long-standing academic publishers are beginning to publish books under open licenses. These publications are held to the same standards of quality as traditionally published monographs, and are made available through the consent of the author.

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