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ENGL 480: Shakespeare

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Recommended Resources

Limit Your Results

You will spend your research time most efficiently by using the following resources.  Please note that you should not feel limited to those items listed below:

Developing Your Search Terms

Please note that the following information will help you sort through the great bulk of Shakespearean scholarship available:

  • Shakespeare (as author, as generic term)
  • Title of your play (TempestMerchant of Venice, etc.)
  • Genre (Tragedy, Comedy, History)
  • Characters (Ophelia, Polonius, Laertes) - Note: Record all their names--Nicknames, Family Names, Full Names
  • Themes (Redemption, Betrayal, Trust, Love, etc.)
  • Popular Scholars who have written on your topic
  • The themes those scholars have written about your topic
  • Act(s), Scene(s) you are studying
  • Setting (Physical location, if significant to your interpretation)
  • Other elements, techniques, etc. worthy of note