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ENGL 480: Shakespeare

Recommended Resources

You will spend your research time most efficiently by using the following resources.  Please note that you should not feel limited to those items listed below:

Developing Your Search Terms

Please note that the following information will help you sort through the great bulk of Shakespearean scholarship available:

  • Shakespeare (as author, as generic term)
  • Title of your play (TempestMerchant of Venice, etc.)
  • Genre (Tragedy, Comedy, History)
  • Characters (Ophelia, Polonius, Laertes) - Note: Record all their names--Nicknames, Family Names, Full Names
  • Themes (Redemption, Betrayal, Trust, Love, etc.)
  • Popular Scholars who have written on your topic
  • The themes those scholars have written about your topic
  • Act(s), Scene(s) you are studying
  • Setting (Physical location, if significant to your interpretation)
  • Other elements, techniques, etc. worthy of note