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SE 212: Human-Computer Interaction

A research guide for assistance with the SE 212 final project.

Project Description

Taken directly from the Spring 2015 SE 212: HCI Syllabus:

Course Project: Students will submit a project proposal on or before February 26th. The final project requires students to design, program and test a user interface, preferably for smart handheld devices. Students are highly encouraged to explore innovative project ideas. A less preferred option is to propose a 4-page (ACM SIG Site Template style) review article covering at least 6 research papers related to advances in HCI.

  • Ability: Aesthetic Engagement - Students will develop an increased understanding and appreciation of creative human endeavor by learning and reflecting on key concepts, theories, and frameworks in Human-Computer interaction design, and apply this knowledge to an interactive design process in a practical way.
  • Skill: Responsiveness – Student will select appropriate contents and information related to Software Engineering and HCI, form personal opinions, and present the interpretation.
  • Level: 2 – Students are expected to process existing information into alternative formats to display increased depth of mental interaction with the content.