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How To Find...

Use this guide to help you locate information in a number of different formats!

Using SFX to Find a Specific Journal or Article

Step by Step: Finding a Journal

Once in SFX, you can either search for a journal or browse journal titles alphabetically. Use the search function to look for your terms within a journal title, or to find a specific title. If you know the exact title of the journal you're looking for, click the Starts with radio button and enter the first one or more words of the title.

SFX landing screen with search box and A to Z browse.

Your search results will display journal titles and list the sources you can use to access the journals. In some cases, such as the one pictured below, there will be a number of options. Notice that different sources provide access to different date ranges. Some of the sources offer access to issues through 2005, while others provide access to more recent issues. Click the link above the date range that includes the issue you're looking for.

Example of SFX results screen for the journal Pediatrics.

From this point, follow the links to get to the journal's page. These pages usually look something like the one pictured below. Navigate using the year links to find the issue in which your article is located, or simply browse the issues.

Pediatrics journal archive page.

Step by Step: Finding a Journal Article

Step by Step

From the SFX landing page, choose the CitationLinker tab.

SFX CitationLinker screenshot.

Here you will see a form with a number of fields in which you can enter information about the article you want to find.

Fill out the form with as much information as you can. Choosing the "Starts with" or "Exact" option after the journal title field will help eliminate unwanted results.

Screenshot of SFX CitationLinker with fields entered.

If the article is available among VCSU's database subscriptions, you will see something like the following screenshot. Click on the journal title link or the Go button to go to the article.

Screenshot of SFX CitationLinker results.


  • If you get a list of journal titles rather than a link (or links) to sources for the full text article, try entering the full journal title and choosing the Exact button on the CitationLinker form.
  • If VCSU doesn't have access to the article, don't worry! We may still be able to get the article for you via interlibrary loan. Follow this link to learn more about requesting articles through interlibrary loan.