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How To Find...

Use this guide to help you locate information in a number of different formats!

Finding Short Stories

In addition to a number of free options for finding short stories listed below, the library's print collection contains a number of short story collections and single works.  To view a wide array of works that you can read online, use this search bar:

Occasionally it can be difficult to locate a short story in a printed volume. The Short Story Index makes this job much easier. Use the search bar below to locate titles of books in which your short story is located. You can always request the book through interlibrary Loan if the library does not own it.

Search the Short Story Index

Use these listed resources to either find reviews or short stories, or as additional resources for finding and reading short stories.  A few of the items listed are outside of the review of the library, so be aware that they may not offer the most authoritative versions of the short stories they provide.