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How To Find...

Use this guide to help you locate information in a number of different formats!

Finding Scores in the Library Catalog

The library has hundreds of scores in our physical collection. Follow the instructions below to find scores.

1. Navigate to the Advanced Search function of the library website and make sure the search parameters are set to "Library Catalog."

2. Type in the composer, instrument, title, or other search term you want to use and hit search.








3. On the right side of the results, there is a "resource type" filter. Click on it and select "Scores" as your resource type. You may need to click the apply filters button at the bottom of the filters menu or you may find that the page automatically filters your results. 














4. Make a note of the call number connected with the score you want to borrow, then come to the library! Our collection of scores is located on the lower level of the library in the Peggy Lee Music Research Center. You are welcome to browse the collection yourself, or if you need help finding your score, a library staff member will be happy to assist you!


Finding Free Digital Scores

When looking for free scores online, be aware of copyright and licensing rules. Make sure any scores you download are legally created and are licensed for your intended use.