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SE 199: Discovering Computing

APA Citation Guide

Citing Book Reviews in APA Format

When citing a book review, begin as you would when citing any other type of article found in print or online. After the title of the review, use brackets to state [Review of the book Title here, by C. Author]. Then proceed according to standard citation guidelines.

For example:

Cunningham, G. P. (2014, July 31). Contemplation vs. consumption: Making sense of the commercial web [Review of the book The people's platform, by A. Taylor]. Los Angeles Review of Books. Retrieved from:

If the review has no title, use the bracketed information as the title, keeping the brackets. For example:

Kail, C. (2015). [Review of the book Data and Goliath, by B. Schneier]. Library Journal, 140(11), 111. Retrieved from: