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Graduate Research

Research information and resources for VCSU graduate students.


The library provides you with several options for searching for journal articles. Using the Search Everything or Articles+ tabs on the library homepage will search across many of our research databases at once. This can be a useful place to start, but its breadth means it doesn't provide you with the most targeted results.

Below are some of our research databases that are most useful to students in VCSU graduate programs. Visit our A to Z database list to see all of the databases we offer.

For a quick explanation of the scholarly peer-review process, see the Peer Review in 3 Minutes video.

Finding a Specific Article

If you know the title of a specific article, but aren't sure if the library has it, you can use the library homepage search bar or the advanced search function to find out. 

If the title is very specific, you should be able to type or paste it into the search bar on the library homepage and get results. Put the title in quotation marks before running the search to tell the system that it should search for the entire phrase. If your article is on a common topic or has a a broad title, use advanced search. 

There is a link that says advanced search underneath the search bar on the library homepage, which will open the advanced search function. 

Set the first search field to search for title, type or paste the title into the field, putting quotation marks around it. If you know the name of the article's author, you can enter it in the second search field. On the right side of the search options, set the material type to articles. You can also try looking up an article's Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

For more information about using advanced search, visit the Databases and Searching Tips research guide.

Useful Databases

General Databases:

Education Databases:

Other Discipline-Specific Databases:

Google Scholar