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Graduate Research

Research information and resources for VCSU graduate students.

Allen Memorial Library provides you with access to hundreds of thousands of books in its physical and electronic collections. For books and other physical materials that are not available through VCSU, we recommend that you contact your local college or public library for information about their interlibrary loan (ILL) services.

If you need to request articles via ILL see the How to Request Resources page in this guide.

Distance Loan and Physical Books

Online & distance students can use the Distance Loan Form to request any book(s) available on the Allen Memorial Library shelves. Books will be checked out to your library account and mailed to your preferred address. Borrowers are responsible for return mailing costs.

Use the box below to search for books in Allen Memorial Library's collection, keeping in mind that you may need to filter your results after running the search:

eBook Collections

Academic eBook Collections:

Popular & Children's eBook and eAudiobook Collections:

Free eBooks on the Internet: