Library Account Access
Library patrons may access their account records online by logging into My Account. VCSU students, staff, and faculty can log in using their NDUS username and password. Community members can log in using their barcode as the user name and their last name as the password.
Checkout Periods
Checkout periods vary by collection and user type.  Please see the Loan Periods Chart for specifics. 
Allen Memorial Library sends overdue notices as a courtesy to its patrons. The Library holds all its patrons ultimately responsible for being aware of the due dates of loaned items and for their prompt return.

The Library complies with Valley City State University general office guidelines by upholding email as its official form of communication. As such, courtesy notifications will be emailed to the official VCSU email addresses of Staff, Student, and Faculty Patrons. Bills for lost items may be sent via USPS mail.

Community and Emeritus Patrons: Courtesy notification of overdue items and fees will be delivered by email or USPS where necessary.

Overdue Materials
Materials are circulated for a specified period, as shown in the Loan Periods table below. If an item has not been returned by the due date, a notice is sent by the Library as a courtesy to ensure that all library users may use materials in a timely manner.
Failure to receive an overdue notice does not absolve the patron of the obligation to return the materials on time.
While items from the main collection do not incur overdue fines, other collections enumerated in the Loan Periods chart below may have overdue fines associated with them. Please refer to the chart below to determine which items may incur overdue fines. The maximum fine is $10.00 per item. When the fine reaches the maximum, the item is declared lost and will be billed through the Business Office, along with the replacement cost.
Faculty and staff are not charged overdue fines, but may be billed for lost materials. Items that have been overdue for over three months are considered lost. They are billed at the standard replacement charge or the cost of the item, whichever is greater, and will incur a $10 non-refundable handling fee per item. Bills will be submitted to the VCSU Business Office for collection if not paid within one week of a billing notice from the Library Office.
Lost & Damaged Items and Past Due Accounts
The Library will bill patrons who have lost or damaged materials beyond repair at the standard replacement charge or the cost of the item (whichever is greater). In addition, each item will incur a non-refundable $10 handling fee. Lost items will be billed through the VCSU Business Office for VCSU faculty, students, and staff, and community patrons will be billed directly by the library.
Any unpaid costs will result in a hold being placed on a user's account with the University. Official documents, including transcripts, will not be available until all accounts have been settled. Unpaid accounts will also result in a student’s inability to register for future courses.
Failure to pay replacement and handling charges after submission of the bill for collection will also result in the loss of circulation privileges until the account is settled.
Replacement costs and handling fees will not be refunded if items are returned to the library at a later date unless arrangements are made with the Director of Library Services.
Fines at the End of the Semester
Patrons with outstanding fines/overdue materials will receive a courtesy notice two weeks prior to the end of the semester. If the fines are not paid within one week of receiving the courtesy notice, outstanding fines and fees will be submitted to the VCSU Business Office at the close of the semester. A $10 handling fee will be added to any outstanding charges to recover the costs of staff hours and processing time. All borrowed items not returned by the close of the semester will be declared lost, and the borrower will be billed the replacement fee for the item as well as a $10 processing fee.

Lost Interlibrary Loan Items
Lost Interlibrary Loan Items: the lending library determines the cost of the lost item and the handling charges; the VCSU patron will be billed for costs by the VCSU Library on behalf of the lending library. Unpaid bills will be turned over to the VCSU Business Office for collection.

Recalling Items
Library Staff may occasionally recall an item from circulation. VCSU students, faculty, and staff may request a recall of a book after the book has been checked out for a minimum of fourteen (14) days. Recalls may be requested at any time for books to be placed on reserve for a class and must be returned immediately. Faculty and staff loans must be returned after three weeks if recalled. One week is given for the return of the item. Once the item is returned to circulation, the faculty or staff member may again borrow the item.
Notification for recalls will be sent to the patron’s official VCSU email account. After notification of the recall, the patron has seven (7) days to return the book that has been recalled. Fines on recalled books will be $1.00 per day per item after the recall due date.
Please see the Loan Periods Chart  for Item Type Loans, Length of Check-Out, the Notification Process and Fees; this policy applies to users of all types—student, faculty, staff and community.