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Allen Memorial Library Policies and Procedures Manual: Guidelines for Accessibility

a collection of all policies and procedures for the VCSU Allen Memorial Library


WebAIM’s WCAG Checklist

Checklist that presents  recommendations for implementing accessibility principles and techniques for those seeking WCAG conformance.

Revised Section 508

Revised Section 508 roadmap detailing how to incorporate the standards into education.

Intro to Understanding WCAG 2.0

Detailed technical description of the WCAG guidelines and their Success Criteria

Blackboard Ally  

Blackboard Ally Accessibility Checklist provides a quick-start reference to creating more accessible course content. Checklist available at

Quality Indicators for the Provision of Accessible Educational Materials and Technologies

The AEM Center’s Quality Indicators describe the essential elements of such a system, including compliance, guidelines, professional development, data procedures, and resources.