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Allen Memorial Library Policies and Procedures Manual: Assessment

a collection of all policies and procedures for the VCSU Allen Memorial Library

Library Assessment

Assessment is an integral part of any healthy organization.  In order to assess the services, facilities, and materials provided at the Allen Memorial Library, assessments are done in a number of areas and formats.  These assessments provide valuable qualitative and quantitative data for the Library staff to use in evaluating the goods and services provided.  


Allen Memorial Library attempts to provide pleasant, efficient and useful service to students, faculty, staff and community members so that library users view the Library in a positive manner and will make frequent use of the physical spaces.  In order to determine how well the library is providing the level of service needed by its users, the library conducts annual user surveys.  Results of these surveys are reviewed by the Director of Library Services and the professional library staff, and reported to the Vice President for Academic Affairs on request. 


User services statistics
Circulation statistics are maintained to monitor usage of library materials and enable the staff to note opportunities for changes in services, collection development, and allocation of resources. Statistics are generated partly by a computerized reporting system and partly by the Library staff; annual summary records are updated and maintained.  Additionally, statistics are kept to provide data about reference transactions, information/directional transactions, information literacy and mechanical inquiries
Statistics for information literacy sessions are kept by listing the number of classes/ sessions and the number of attendees.  If a class/session is performed in a location other than the library, the information is still recorded. 
Electronic Resource Statistics
Usage statistics for all electronic resources are gathered annually and analyzed.  COUNTER-compliant statistics are preferred whenever possible.