Patron Conduct Policy

Allen Memorial Library is dedicated to providing a positive, welcoming, and enriching environment for all members of the VCSU community. We value diversity of thought, perspective, experience, and background, and are actively committed to a culture of inclusion and respect. We ask that you show consideration and respect towards one another.

Patron Rights

The library supports the rights of all individuals to:

  • Courteous and respectful service;
  • Free and equal access to information;
  • Privacy and confidentiality in their use of library services and collections;
  • An atmosphere conducive to teaching, learning, research, and study; and
  • Use of the library undisturbed and without threat of harm, interference, or discrimination.
Disruptive Behavior

Activities which interfere with the efforts to make Allen Memorial Library a safe and inclusive space for study, learning, and research are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: blocking or interfering with the free movement of others; engaging in sexual harassment or overt sexual behavior; excessive noise that disrupts the work of others; abusive, threatening or intimidating behavior; behaviors or actions prohibited by other campus policies; and behavior that appears to be due to the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Tobacco, Alcohol, Weapons, and Illegal Drugs

In accordance with VCSU Campus Policy, tobacco products, vaping, firearms/weapons, and other substances or items banned on the VCSU campus are not allowed in the library. For more information, see VCSU Policies V917, Tobacco Free Campus, V916.01, Firearms/Weapons, and the University Alcohol/Drug Policy.



Animals, other than licensed service animals, may not be brought into the library without prior approval by the Director for Library Services.


Soliciting, unless for a pre-approved university activity, or distribution of leaflets or flyers are not permitted without prior approval by the Director of Library Services.



Children are welcome at Allen Memorial Library when accompanied by a responsible adult. Out of consideration for the learning environment of our students, the work routine of the staff, and the safety of the children, all children under the age of 13 must be actively supervised. Library users may be asked to leave if their behavior or the behavior of their child is disruptive to others. Police will be notified of unattended children in the library.


Revised April 2022

Reviewed January 2023