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Allen Memorial Library Policies and Procedures Manual: Library Patrons

a collection of all policies and procedures for the VCSU Allen Memorial Library

Library Patrons

Allen Memorial Library is open to students, faculty, staff and community members without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, religious affiliation, sex or economic status. Borrowing privileges are reserved for currently enrolled students, VCSU faculty and staff, community members and students at institutions with which the Library has a reciprocal borrowing agreement. Residents from the community may use library resources and/or may elect to become a local library patron by applying for and receiving a community patron library card. Alumni of Valley City State University can be registered as community borrowers.


Allen Memorial Library extends borrowing privileges to the following types of patrons subject to the stated limitations:
Any student who is currently enrolled in at least one class taught under the auspices of Valley City State University is a student borrower. The Library does not issue library cards but rather the Valley City State University ID card serves as a library card for the student.
There are several collections of materials available for check out from Allen Memorial Library including, but not limited to, overnight, two-hour reserve, three day, four-week, and semester loan. Every effort is made to inform borrowers of material due dates, however it is ultimately the responsibility of the borrower to verify and adhere to due dates in order to prevent fines and fees from being issued.
Overdue courtesy notices are sent. Fines may be charged for overdue items and items that remain unreturned following four notices are declared lost. Subsequently a bill for the cost of the item plus a non-refundable handling fee is sent to the borrower and the Valley City State University Business Office for collection. Borrowing privileges for a student with an outstanding bill is suspended until their account is settled.
All library materials are due on the last day of classes. Unpaid fines and fees at the end of the semester will result in a $10 non-refundable handling fee added to each item and the fee/fine turned over to the VCSU Business Office for collection.
Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff employed at Valley City State University may borrow most library materials for one semester; the Library does not issue library cards but rather a current and valid Valley City State University ID card serves as a library card for faculty and staff. They may renew materials at the end of Fall Semester, but must return all materials at the end of the academic year.
Community Members
Valley City State issues community borrower library cards to residents of the city or county upon submission of a community borrower registration form and proof of current address. Community patrons are generally defined as permanent residents of Valley City or the surrounding area, or alumni of the university.
Community patrons have a shorter loan period than university-affiliated users. Upon check out, they will be notified of the due date, but are ultimately responsible for the timely return of materials. Community patrons will be sent at least one overdue notice and are responsible for fines and fees associated with late returns or lost items. Lost items will be billed for the cost of the lost item plus a non-refundable handling fee. Patrons with outstanding fines or bills will not be allowed to check out additional materials until the account is settled.  Community patrons are not allowed to use the university's InterLibrary Loan system, as this service is available to them at the Valley City/Barnes County Public Library or via the ND State Library.
Allen Memorial Library reserves the right to revoke or refuse borrowing privileges for community users who violate library rules or policy and/or who have outstanding fees or fines.

Last reviewed January 2023